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AfriForex Daily Strategy Call
The Daily Analysis Sessions are held via zoom every weekday from Monday to Friday. They run for approximately 30-45 mins every day from 9 am EAT.

Prior to the session start time (9 am), the Afriforex team will go through the fundamentals as well as look at all currency pairs to determine direction and opportunities that will be discussed during the analysis session.

We then put the bias for the day on every currency pair to see whether we should be looking for buys and sells. E.g., today (Wed 9th December 2020), we would be looking for sells on the GBP and the CHF and buys on all other currency pairs.

Once the meeting starts, we would review the previous day’s trades to see where opportunities could have been taken. This will help the clients learn and gain confidence in how and where a trade could be taken. After the review is done, we will then look at the currency pairs that have opportunities for the day.

When we are done analyzing all the currency pairs for the day and have identified areas of where to buy or sell, we do a quick summary on what can be traded for the day and answer any questions that may arise. We then repeat the same process every weekday.

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